Clinical and therapeutic potential of protein kinase PKR in cancer and metabolism

García-Ortega, M.B.; López, G.J.; Jiménez, G.; García-García, J.A.; Conde, V.; Boulaiz, H.; Carrillo, E.; Perán, M.M.; Marchal, J.A.; García, M.A.

Revista: Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine

ISSN: 1462-3994

Año de publicación: 2017

Volumen: 19



The protein kinase R (PKR, also called EIF2AK2) is an interferon-inducible double-stranded RNA protein kinase with multiple effects on cells that plays an active part in the cellular response to numerous types of stress. PKR has been extensively studied and documented for its relevance as an antiviral agent and a cell growth regulator. Recently, the role of PKR related to metabolism, inflammatory processes, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases has gained interest. In this review, we summarise and discuss the involvement of PKR in several cancer signalling pathways and the dual role that this kinase plays in cancer disease. We emphasise the importance of PKR as a molecular target for both conventional chemotherapeutics and emerging treatments based on novel drugs, and its potential as a biomarker and therapeutic target for several pathologies. Finally, we discuss the impact that the recent knowledge regarding PKR involvement in metabolism has in our understanding of the complex processes of cancer and metabolism pathologies, highlighting the translational research establishing the clinical and therapeutic potential of this pleiotropic kinase.